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COMMISSION: Battle of the Steel Maidens by TigerFey
COMMISSION: Battle of the Steel Maidens
A commission done for me by the comic book artist :iconcarlamillar:

Amy and Chiha battle against Fey and Michael during the final months of European Theater of WWII.

This was my 100th Moe Moe Niji Taisen commission.

Moe Moe Niji Taisen and its' characters (c) Systemsoft Alpha
Art credit to :iconcarlamillar:


Alex Greenlay
Current Residence: Winnipeg, MB
Favourite genre of music: Trailer themes
With the milestone of 100 Moe Moe Niji Taisen commissions finished, you can view it here if you haven't seen it: 100 Moe Moe Niji Taisen Commissions, I'm already planning the next stage of getting some art commissions of this series and other series.  However, budget is a big thing now as commissions are getting expensive.  Luckily Ebay sales are going good, so I have some spending money for commissions.

So far I have a mixture of regular and hentai ideas for commissions, more of the former than the latter.  While I use to just jump from one commission idea and then find one of the others to do, I did a different method this time.  With the high amount of ideas I have right now, it's better to put them into groups and focus on that group to get done.

What I do is take a list of the ideas, separate them with one list of regular and the other with hentai.  I then take an ice cream bucket and put in folded sheets of paper with numbers on them into the bucket.  I pull out a number to be the represented number for one of the commissions.  After that's done, I start shaking and pulling out numbers and adding ticks to each idea that gets pulled from the bucket.  Once one gets 5 ticks, it gets crossed off.  Whichever idea is last will be added to the small group list.  The groups consist of 2-4 ideas, a mixture of regular and hentai (3 regular + 1 hentai, 2 hentai + 1 regular, etc).  I pick a group and will only focus on that group until they are all done.

Before I go into details about the group I'm working on at the moment, for the artists who read this and do commissions and may be interested in doing commissions for me, I do want to add some idea on what kind of commissions are on my list.

Regular just consist of battle scenes, 4koma, softcore pin-ups, normal pin-ups, couple pairings, all the regular stuff majority of artists are comfortable drawing.  For hentai, a lot of yuri, hetro, full sex scenes, and a couple of fetishes including one I have some difficulty finding affordable artists for.  One fetish is futa, not a big fan of it, but did get an idea for two pictures.  And these futa are just normal, regular-size futa, not one of those unrealistic, giant penis ones.

The other fetish is scat.  Most hentai artists refuse to draw this and I respect you for your decision.  I have two ideas, not related to the futa ones, involving scat and they are pretty messy.  If you, as an artist, is comfortable drawing scat, I prefer you send a note if you are interested.

Aside from Niji Taisen, other commission ideas include Fullmetal Alchemist (4koma) and possibly Kantai Collection as I'm just starting to watch it and like it.  Already like the characters Fubuki, Takao, and Mutsu (probably my favorite so far).

As for the group of commissions I'm focused on right now, it has 5 (3 hentai + 2 regular).  Two of the hentai are already getting worked on, I know which artists are going to do two others.  That leaves the third hentai.  It's a futa threeway yuri (2 futa + 1 girl with double penetration).  Still working out a budget for it, but if you think you might be interested in doing it for me, send me a note or comment below.

Looking forward to doing more commissions again.

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